Agon by AOC launches a gigantic, curved OLED gaming monitor

For the gamer that has it all.

The Agon Pro AG456UCZD is an official partner of G2Esports and perfect for racing rigs

Agon by AOC just unveiled a lovely 45in OLED monitor that pulls out all the stops. The Agon Pro AG456UCZD comes with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from its high-end range. It boasts an 800R curvature for wrap-around immersion, an ultra-crispy WQHD resolution, and a 240Hz refresh rate with a lightning-fast 0.03ms grey-to-grey response time. Whew, that isn’t even the half of it!

Specifically, the 44.5in panel outputs a 3440×1440 resolution and has a ultrawide 21:9 aspect ratio. AOC reckons this will pair swimmingly with professional racing rigs, thanks to the high level immersion factor and exceptionally fast and responsive OLED display. Besides this, the 800R curve is steep enough to add extra depth to your gameplay sessions while also working well in productivity scenarios.

Official spec highlights for the Agon Pro AG456UCZD

In terms of visually clarity, it’s fairly accurate, offering 100% sRGB and 98.5% coverage of the wider DCI-P3 colour gamut. Quite impressive, and dare I say more than adequate enough for content creation. Pair that with 1000 nits of peak brightness and anti-glare coating and you’ve got yourself an excellent all-rounder in even the brightest environments. Direct sunlight, be damned.

Rounding off, connectivity options are aplenty. Rear I/O highlights include two DisplayPort 1.4 outputs, a four-port USB 3.2 hub, a USB Type-C port with 90W power delivery, and a KVM switch for seamless multi-device control. Additionally, the monitor is Nvidia G-Sync compatible and supports Adaptive-Sync for a tear- and stutter-free experience. What’s more, AOC G-Menu integration offers refined monitor controls and neat features like flicker-free and low blue light modes. Plus, AOC claims the built-in OLED Care functions will help mitigate OLED burn-in and keep your panel in tip-top condition.

Many would argue that OLED tech is the best innovation since Technicolor, and we’re inclined to agree. It offers vibrant hues, inky dark blacks, and unparalleled contrast ratios. Our Damien reckons using an OLED gaming monitor in Rainbow Six Siege almost feels like cheating. I’ve also noticed how incredible smooth it is, especially in online competitive play. My VA panel naturally creates a smudge on fast-moving images. I never noticed it until I gave my mate’s OLED panel a go, and now I simply can’t unsee it.

Of course, OLED screens have their fair share of negatives, with OLED burn-in being the most egregious. Thankfully, much like MSI, the Agon Pro AG456UCZD comes with a three-year warranty that covers OLED burn-in and a neat little set of features to help mitigate the problem. The monitor is currently available for pre-order at a suggested retail price of £1,129.99. For the amount of monitor you’re getting, that’s not bad at all.