Alienware makes a gaming keyboard and mouse too big for Hulk

You will need a crane to lift this one.

Alienware 5m long AW420K keyboard and massive AW720M mouse

Have you ever wondered how a Philippine Tarsier feel when using a keyboard and mouse? Probably not, but Alienware’s latest set of peripherals captures the emotion perfectly. Creating the largest mouse and keyboard in the world, Dell’s gaming subsidiary even made sure it’s functional. It’s giant and heavy, but it actually works…

This is not the first time we’ve seen someone attempt to make a monster keyboard. Glarses on YouTube already tried that. The difference this time, however, is that the keyboard in question is so big it requires coordination between multiple people to use. Enlisting the help of Team Liquid, each member focuses on a specific task: right mouse click, space bar, WASD, etc. Now, this is what I call team play.

The bright side is that no one can Alt F4 since the buttons are too far away.

Alienware massive AW420K keyboard replica

To build this massive 14:1 scale replica of the Alienware AW420K keyboard and AW720M mouse, Dell used rolls upon rolls of printer filament, which took weeks of non-stop 3D printing.

The space bar alone took three days to print for the 5m long keyboard and weighs 27kg. At this point, it’s pretty much the size of a person. Other keys are about 30cm wide with 10cm of actuation distance. Try to break a typing competition with this one.

Team Liquid played a Dota match against their coach, Blitz, in the video below.

Now you know how Ant-Man feels when his suit malfunctions during a Call of Duty match.