AMD Ryzen 7 5700X3D CPU might launch early in 2024

Not long to wait now.

An AMD Ryzen X3D V-Cache chip.

It looks like Team Red is going to kick off the new year with a bang. New reports indicate that AMD Ryzen 7 5700X3D could land on shelves in Q1 2024, likely after a CES debut. It’s not all about AM4, though, as there are also a few AM5 goodies on the way, too.

Seeing an AMD Ryzen 7 5700X3D crop up isn’t exactly surprising. The new CPU has circulated the rumour mill alongside a possible 5500X3D since mid-November. Specs-wise, it should contain the same eight cores and 16 threads as the 5700X, but with a 3D V-Cache chucked in for good measure.

AMD will reportedly fiddle with the clocks, bringing a 3.0GHz base clock and 4.1GHz boost along for the ride. As Videocardz points out, this tickles the feet of the 5800X3D with a mere 400MHz difference. The 96MB L3 Cache is identical to the 5800X3D, but a major jump over the 32MB in original 5700X, priming it for gaming.

ECSM says we should see it arrive in the first quarter of next year, alongside the Ryzen 8000G APU series containing the 8300G, 8500G, and 8700G. These mobile powerhouses use Zen 4 architecture and are the first to include RDNA 3-based graphics. It should mark a big jump from the Vega-led graphics on the Ryzen 5000G range, but we’ll need to wait for benchmarks before we judge.

We don’t yet know the TDP, price, or availability of any of these processors just yet. It’s unlikely the 5700X3D will make our list of best CPUs being based on previous architecture, but it should make the tech more affordable. The 8000G APU series, however, could be class-leading if handled correctly. We’re more curious as to how these new offerings will handle Windows 12, with potentially inflated specs requirements.