Asus unveils limited-edition ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 cooled by thick 360mm radiator

Shut up and take my money.


Asus has presented its new flagship graphics card boasting GeForce RTX 4090 GPUs using binned AD102 GPUs cooled by 360mm radiators for maximum performance.

Measuring close to 300mm and taking about 2.5 slots, the ROG Matrix GeForce RTX 4090 is an exceptional card when it comes to the amount of features crammed inside. For starters, the card is cooled by a dedicated liquid-cooling loop made of a thick 360mm radiator allowing it to keep cool temperatures even when fully utilised. The radiator segment is coupled with three ROG MF-15S fans rocking magnetic power connectors for easy daisy chaining – similar to those found on the ROG Ryujin III AIO CPU cooler.


As if it wasn’t enough, Asus tops that with liquid metal to ensure maximum heat transfer from the GPU. All inside a nice-looking pump enclosure made of two aluminium parts, with RGB lighting shining between them, giving a soft glow effect.

But wait, there is more. The card also carries multiple temperature sensors all over the place – near RAM, power stages, etc. – that when combined give a complete view of the card’s condition, translating to a heatmap of sorts.


In addition to its excellent cooling, Asus said that it has binned the best GPU cores in order to deliver the highest boost clocks currently on the market. A collector’s item, indeed.

The stock power target is set to 450W (Q-BIOS) with the maximum being, unsurprisingly, 600W (P-BIOS) for those looking to extract every drop of performance out of this monster.

Finally, a bit gimmicky but nice to check from time to time, Asus has also added a feature called mileage, the purpose of which is to track the card’s usage over time, similar to Steam’s played hours indicator.

Backed by five years of warranty, this limited-edition card will surely be expensive – £2,500 or £3,000 wouldn’t be surprising. Wait and see.