be quiet! Dark Base Pro 901 and Dark Base 701 pictured in white

So, Light Base 701?

be quiet Dark Base Pro 901 in white, with white brackets surrounding it.

be quiet! has officially announced that the Dark Base Pro 901 and Dark Base 701 chassis will soon be available in all-white. The team says it’s taken so long to get white versions of the cases because colour uniformity is extremely difficult to get right. Fortunately, having seen them in person at CES 2024, the brand has nailed it, as these chassis are as sleek as they come.

We last saw these snowy variants on display at Computex 2023. Not much has changed physically, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Peering closely at the displayed models, the duo offers a high level of fit, form, finish, and function.

What’s the difference?

be quiet! Dark Base 901 top I/O panel matching with the all-white aesthetic.

If you’re looking for the ultimate full tower chassis, then the Dark Base Pro 901 White is your best bet. This case supports up to 420mm radiators, rotated / inverted installation, touch-sensitive controls, and interchangeable panels to switch between maximum air flow or silent operation.

Meanwhile, the Dark Base 701 White offers support for radiators up to 360mm and an inverted motherboard layout. There’s more than enough space for up to E-ATX motherboards, CPU coolers up to 185mm in height, and 434mm-long graphics cards. Like I said, zero compromise.

However, there are a few minor tweaks to the Dark Base 701. For one, it now features wider, better-diffused front RGB accent strips. Furthermore, the tinted side window panel has been changed to a clear glass pane. This compliments the all-white aesthetics quite nicely, and we all know that white cases reflect RGB lighting much better than all-black counterparts.

Rounding off, be quiet! has also given the white-out treatment to its Silent Wings Pro 4 and Silent Wings 4 fans. These PWM spinners offer premium build, silent operation, and high performance, including some neat tricks like interchangeable mounting corners. Last but not least, be quiet! is also releasing an angled 12VHPWR cable for easier cable management. It is rated for 600W can be used on either GPU or PSU side, and is compatible with all be quiet! ATX 3.x PSUs.

A be quiet! 12VHPWR cable with an angled head for easy connection to a compatible graphics card.

The chassis and fans will be made available in March 2024. Pricing is not yet absolutely concrete, but be quiet! says the Dark Base Pro 901 White will be priced the same as the original, so, €319.90 / $299.90 / £319.99. The Dark Base 701 White, meanwhile, will arrive slightly dearer than its original $229.90 / €229.00 / £229.99 MSRP.