Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II disc edition is a DRM key with only 72MB of data

Nothing for something.

Call Of Duty MW2

CoD fans have been cosying up with Activision’s highly-anticipated Modern Warfare II over the weekend. Unfortunately, those with less-than-acceptable Internet speeds hoping to do the same with an offline disc version are more than likely up in arms, seeing it’s nothing more than a DRM key disguised as a full-retail copy.

That’s right, the disc size amounts to only 72MB of data, requiring a rather large download of about 100GB on PS5. Users stuck with a physical copy still need to download the entire game, and adding insult to injury, require the disk to play it. How rude, Activision.

While many would say the age of physical copies have long since passed, I would have to disagree, as preservation of games in original form is paramount. It is an art form, after all, though I understand we are in the age of day-one update patches.

Digital copies often get removed entirely from storefronts without notice (i.e. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World: The Game) and even soundtracks are delisted due to reaching the end of licenses. Need I remind you, also, servers for always-online versions of older, single-player games sometimes are shut down entirely, making the purchase literally unusable.

Still, it’s a rather peculiar move from Activision, regardless of all the reasons stated above. At the very least, the developer should have made players aware of the decision well beforehand, considering the game retails for £60. That ain’t chump change, if you ask me.