Click furiously with the all-new Corsair K70 Max RGB keyboard equipped with MGX magnetic-mechanical switches

An alternative to analogue switches.

Corsair K70 MAX magnetic-mechanical gaming keyboard

Corsair has released the wired K70 Max RGB Magnetic-Mechanical Gaming keyboard featuring adjustable actuation distance and up to 8,000Hz polling rate.

Sharing a lot of similarities with the K70 Pro RGB OPX we reviewed, newer K70 Max ditches the optical switches for Corsair’s MGX Hall Effect Switches. Unlike the former, these offer per-key adjustable actuation depth from 0.4mm to 3.6mm with 0.1mm steps, alongside dual-point actuation, enabling two actions per button.

The best analogy for this would be moving a joystick a short distance to make the character walk slowly or pushing all the way up to engage sprinting. I can also see this used in Destiny 2 to throw a grenade before quickly dodging with the hunter.

Moreover, MGX switches enable a new Rapid Trigger mode – coming to K70 Max via a firmware update later in Q3 – allowing keys to reset immediately when they travel upward, giving K70 Max an advantage over traditional mechanical keyboards when it comes to fast re-presses or input changes. Each key is also guaranteed for up to 100 million keystrokes. Impressive.

Corsair K70 MAX - MGX switches

Powered by Corsair’s Axon hyper-processing technology, K70 Max stores up to 50 onboard profiles while delivering top-notch speed reaching 8,000Hz through the detachable braided USB C-to-A cable, the company contends.

To maintain good acoustics, Corsair slapped two layers of sound-dampening foam inside the 1.96kg aluminium frame, topped by high-quality keycaps made of textured 1.5mm-thick double-shot PBT. The frame also boasts the firm’s triangle pattern, which I must say looks fantastic, especially on the space bar.

Corsair K70 MAX

As it’s fashion with Corsair products, each key is individually RGB-lit – including the media buttons, controllable via the brand’s iCUE software.

Finally, the magnetic palm rest has been upgraded compared to the K70 Pro RGB OPX, now including a memory foam cover for improved comfort. If compatible with the former, I would love to see it sold separately as an upgrade.

K70 Max RGB Magnetic-Mechanical Gaming keyboard is priced at £219.99/€229,99/$229.99, backed by a two-year warranty.