Corsair announces Dominator Platinum and Vengeance DDR5 memory for AMD AM5

2x16GB DDR5-6000 seems to be the way to go.

Corsair DDR5 for AMD

Corsair will be offering its well-known Dominator Platinum and Vengeance series of memory for AMD, supporting EXPO technology with speeds up to 6,000MT/s.

With Ryzen 7000 less than a month away, one by one, manufacturers are starting to unveil their memory kits. For Corsair, at least three series will be available. At the top spot, we find the Dominator Platinum RGB, followed by Vengeance RGB and Vengeance (non-RGB). Each will be offered in multiple speeds and capacities while supporting AMD’s EXPO one-click memory overclocking technology.

Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5

Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB DDR5

Coming in a grey colour unique to the AMD RAM series and covered by Corsair’s signature DHX cooling system with 12 RGB Capellix LEDs, the Dominator Platinum RGB represent the high-end boasting speeds from 5,200MT/s up to 6,000MT/s. Timings range between a basic CL40 and a fast CL30, which should allow for a wider price bracket when coupled to the multiple available frequencies.

The brand says that we will be able to get single- or dual-channel kits, meaning that capacities should start at 16GB (1x16GB), then 32GB (2x16GB or 1x32GB), and maxing at 64GB (2x32GB). Note, however, that we couldn’t find any single module offering on the official website at the time of writing. Populating all four slots gives us a total of 128GB on AMD’s AM5 platform, beyond what is necessary for most games and software.

Vengeance RGB DDR5

Corsair Vengeance RGB DDR5

Also dressed in grey with 10 individually addressable RGB LEDs that get diffused through a light bar, Vengeance RGB is taking the spot just below flagship Dominator, featuring a similar transfer speed range, from 5,200MT/s up to 6,000MT/s. Timings and capacities are not different either, here also we find CL40, CL36 plus CL30 kits alongside up to 64GB (2x32GB) dual-channel packs.

Seeing how current Vengeance RAM stacks compared to Dominator Platinum, we assume that this one is going to be cheaper, albeit not as affordable as our next non-RGB contender.

Vengeance DDR5

Corsair Vengeance DDR5

Perfect for minimalist builds thanks to its grey heatsink and a complete absence of any RGB lighting, the Vengeance DDR5 memory should suit many PCs, offering speeds starting at 5,200MT/s and ending at 5,600MT/s. The keen-eyed among you may have noticed a lack of a 6,000MT/s variant, which is weird since this model is basically a Vengeance RGB without LEDs.

Moving to timings and capacity, we have a CL40 or CL36 latency (no CL30 as only found on 6,000MT/s kits), and 16GB or 32GB modules totalling up to 128GB on a four-DIMM-slot motherboard.

For a more detailed look at each model’s specs, check the table below:

SeriesFrequency TimingsCapacity
Dominator Platinum RGB6,000MT/s30-36-36-7632GB (2x16GB)
Dominator Platinum RGB5,600MT/s36-36-36-7664GB (2x32GB)
Dominator Platinum RGB5,600MT/s36-36-36-7632GB (2x16GB)
Dominator Platinum RGB5,200MT/s40-40-40-7764GB (2x32GB)
Dominator Platinum RGB5,200MT/s40-40-40-7732GB (2x16GB)
Vengeance RGB6,000MT/s30-36-36-7632GB (2x16GB)
Vengeance RGB5,600MT/s36-36-36-7664GB (2x32GB)
Vengeance RGB5,200MT/s40-40-40-7764GB (2x32GB)
Vengeance5,600MT/s36-36-36-7664GB (2x32GB)
Vengeance5,600MT/s36-36-36-7632GB (2x16GB)
Vengeance5,200MT/s40-40-40-7764GB (2x32GB)
Vengeance5,200MT/s40-40-40-7732GB (2x16GB)

Finally, Corsair indicated that custom profiles will be accessible in iCue software later this year.

Available as single- or dual-module configurations, and in capacities up to 64GB (2x32GB), all kits will be backed by a lifetime warranty, with pricing yet to be disclosed.