Corsair launches RMx Shift modular PSU series with power connectors on the side

Up to 1,200W of easily accessible power.

Corsair RMx Shift

Corsair has released its latest PSU lineup dubbed RMx Shift, boasting a unique design that puts all cable headers on the side, allowing for easy access through the chassis side panel.

Spotted a couple of weeks ago without detailed specs, RMx Shift series will be offered in 750W, 850W, 1,000W and 1,200W capacities. All models are compatible with ATX 3.0 and PCIe 5.0 standards, and boast 80 Plus Gold and Cybenetics Gold efficiency certifications using an LLC topology with DC-to-DC conversion.

Corsair RMx Shift - Ports

Each model comes with a single, 650mm-long 12VHPWR to dual 8-pin cable, two 650mm 8-pin EPS cables, plus some combination of SATA, Molex, and PCIe 6+2-pin cables – depending on capacity, all flat using Corsair’s Type 5 connectors. Note that since the PCIe 5.0 cable connects via two 8-pin, it’s unclear if power output can reach 600W. One would assume so, depending on how the PSU-side PCIe connectors are configured in terms of wattage. We can’t fathom why there’s no proper 16-pin connector on the PSU. Would make sense, right?

The fan is kept off as long as the load doesn’t exceed 50 per cent total capacity, after which it starts at low RPM/noise (Corsair claims less than 4dB) before going faster when reaching 70 or 80 per cent loads.

Corsair RMx Shift - Build

Corsair claims this design puts less strain on the cables while providing cleaner aesthetics and easier cable installation. The only downside to this approach is flexibility. Shift PSUs are only suitable in fan-down orientation, and if reverted, cables will protrude from the front/visible side of the chassis, harming the build’s look.

Talking of which, this 210mm-long PSU was shown inside the brand’s 5000D chassis; however, for those looking at something fancier, an iCue 5000T RGB should also be compatible. This doesn’t mean cheaper cases are out of the question, as most should still be compatible, providing they have enough space between the side panel and PSU headers.

The Corsair Shift RM750x, RM850x, RM1000x, and RM1200x are available on Corsair’s website at £159.99, £174.99, £219.99, and £259.99, respectively, backed by a ten-year warranty.