CyberPunk 2077 patch 1.61 finally adds FSR 2.1 support

The gift that keeps on giving.

Patch Update 1.61

CDPR’s latest Patch 1.61 brings a list of game improvements and finally AMD FSR 2.1 support for CyberPunk 2077. The update is available for both PC and consoles, and seriously, this game just keeps on getting better.

Those who need that extra push in performance finally get to play one of the biggest titles in 1440p on the highest preset at a solid 60 FPS. Well, almost. You see, FSR spreads love to all aging graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia, and even Team Blue’s latest graphics cards can utilise AMD’s popular temporal upscaling solution without much fuss. It’s all I really wanted and more, and like any good software update, v1.61 also adds various quest and open world bug and glitch fixes.

Starting with the most notable improvements, a fix for body parts clipping through V’s clothing has been added – indecent exposure be damned. Second, several fixes for multiple missions including Gigs and NCPD Scanner Hustles had issues where certain elements required to trigger or end the mission have also been fixed. Finally, various collision fixes mean you’ll no longer fall through the map whilst traversing shady areas of Night City.

Gameplay wise, a bug fix makes it possible for players to craft a legendary variant of the Amnesty Iconic revolver, and clothing bonuses related to Quick Hack cooldowns and critical damage are now working like they supposed to, plus weapons also deal more explosive damage. Oh, and Night City denizens can now pop out umbrellas in multiple colours when it starts raining. A nice touch to immersion.

Sadly, those who want to get even more frames from their powerful RTX 4090 purchase will have to wait for the next patch update as DLSS 3 is still not officially available. For more extensive reading, be sure to check CDPR’s patch notes here.