DeepCool’s Mystique AIOs may be the prettiest yet

They look premium.

DeepCool Mystique 420 Plus AIO liquid cooler.
Mystique 420 Plus AIO liquid cooler.

DeepCool ups the style points with two new AIO coolers coming later this year. Enter the Mystique and Mystique Plus. Both feature an LCD screen on the pump block to display system statistics or images and videos.


The Mystique series comes in 240mm and 360mm flavours and boasts non-removable 2.8in IPS TFT screens on top of the pump housings. These can display up to a 640×480 resolution at 750nits of brightness with 16.7m colours. Additionally, they include a gyroscope which helps it rotate the picture to a correct position. This function, and others, is managed via the brand’s software.

DeepCool Mystique 360 AIO liquid cooler.
Mystique 360 AIO liquid cooler.

Once more, we have DeepCool’s signature clean and sleek design that fits workstations as well as gaming PCs. Seeing how the LT720 WH managed to tame a 253W load from a Core i9-13900K, we are optimistic regarding the capabilities of this new 360mm edition. This time, however, the cooler uses the brand’s FT12 SE FDB fans.

DeepCool Mystique 360 pump block.
Mystique 360 pump block.

Mystique Plus

The Mystique Plus series is DeepCool’s flagship lineup. It comes in 360 and 420mm flavours and features a removable 3.4in IPS TFT screen, ostensibly so that you can access the mounting screws. The screen offers a 480×480 resolution at 950nits of brightness. Seeing it in person, it’s bright, crisp, and surprisingly elegant. Furthermore, there’s onboard memory to save any videos or pictures you would like to exhibit.

Depending on the model, the cooler will come bundled with either FT12 SE (360mm) or FT14 SE (420mm) fans. These have a see-through fan hub that is eye-catching, to say the least. It reminds me of IronMan’s heart/Arc Reactor. I wonder if transparent or frosted fan blades would look even better. Or perhaps a white version. Lastly, it seems that these blowers use a three-phase motor.

DeepCool Mystique 140 fan.
Mystique 140 fan.

On the pump side, we should get a more powerful version compared to the regular Mystique. Though by how much we don’t know yet. Same for pricing, which is yet to be confirmed. What we know, however, is that the Mystique and Mystique Plus series are scheduled for Q2 2024.