Get 44% off Corsair K70 Pro RGB before the gaming keyboard deal ends

Corsair K70 Pro RGB gaming keyboard is currently up to 44% cheaper.
Corsair K70 Pro RGB gaming keyboard in white against a white background.

Corsair K70 Pro RGB OPX

“Get this white Corsair K70 Pro RGB cheaper before the deal runs out. It’s a perfect peripheral for Mac or competitive PC players looking to get any advantage over the competition.”

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There’s something inherently alluring about Corsair K70 gaming keyboards. While the nomenclature is a little confusing with more choice than ever in the range, they’ve earned their place in the hardware hall of fame as some of the most trustworthy peripherals out there. Looking at the K70 Pro RGB, you’d usually pay a premium for the privilege, but the upper-end keyboard currently is close to its lowest price ever.

You can currently save 44% on the white version, as the cost plummets below the £100 mark on Amazon UK. It’s just a quid off its cheapest price ever. Across the pond, a 28% discount drops the typer to $129.99. We’ve seen it lower before, but deals are few and far between. In fact, only three US sales have beaten the current price across the past year, and they didn’t last long at all.

Featuring Corsair’s optical switches, response times are a fair bit quicker than your standard mechanical keyboard. This is because it uses lasers to register each key press rather than physical contact points, and few things travel faster than the speed of light. Corsair says there’s a 1.0mm actuation distance that’ll last up to 150 million keystrokes.

You probably won’t be able to tell the difference in feeling, though. The brand makes OPX switches act just like its linear mechanical counterparts. I’m a tactile man, personally, as I prefer feedback to each press, but smooth linear is the most popular switch type out there.

Continuing its theme of speed, Corsair K70 Pro RGB features an industry-leading 8,000Hz polling rate with its AXON processor. The aim is to scan your inputs faster than your enemies, giving you a leg up on the competition. Truthfully, I’ve yet to see a difference in my gameplay because of it, but every advantage, no matter how small, adds up.

If this feature stands out to you, then you’ll also love the dedicated tournament switch. Like most keyboards, this one has built-in storage to remember all your profiles and presets, including your choice of RGB lighting and macros. Flicking the switch temporarily resets everything back to default, preventing you from breaking any competitive rulesets. It would’ve been a lifesaver back when I played Rainbow Six Siege GO4 tournaments.

Now that I’m way past my amateur comp days, my appreciation lies elsewhere. My favourite feature is the PBT double-shot keycaps, which make every click feel satisfying. After all, you need to treat your fingers like royalty if you’re going to type all day.

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