Hi-Fi Rush goes double platinum reaching two million players worldwide

It takes two (million) to Tango!

Hi-Rush Screenshot

Hi-Fi Rush is a game that came out from far left field. There was no press release or teaser trailers, just a surprise announcement and subsequent release at Xbox’s Developer_Direct showcase and yet, the game has managed to surpass two million players, becoming a sleeper hit.

Developer Tango! Gameworks took the opportunity to thank everyone via Twitter last night, and in addition to the well-deserved pat on the back, there’s also a new update that provides a wealth of fixes, polishes and all-new photo mode players can experiment the next they jump in. Now, that’s class!

According to the press release, players can customise their pictures in a variety of ways such as filters, camera settings including FOV, stylised frames and colour edits, plus, you can even add protagonist Chai and allies in a variety of unique poses.

Screenshots can be found in the ‘My Capture’ menu on Xbox Series X|S, while PC players should check the folder where your Hi-Fi Rush saved games are stored, in a folder named ‘Screenshots.’ The more you know.

Hi Fi Rush Photo Mode

Finally, here’s a rather huge list that highlights all the fixed bugs players may have encountered during their initial playthrough:

  • Resolved “UE4 Fatal Error” caused by a specific shader setting
  • Resolved “UE4 Fatal Error” caused by Sound Device Enumerating Process
  • Fixed an issue where the game could freeze during the fight with the WA-ES-2 (Samurai Chef) in Track 10
  • Fixed an issue where progress could be blocked in Track 10 when purchasing items from the store after answering Roquefort’s phone, exiting the level, then reloading the level.
  • Fixed an issue where the player cannot progress during the 808 battle in Track 12
  • Fixed a bug where Chip slots might not accurately be reflected in game if purchased it from the store while having a in-progress save for Rhythm Tower, then loading the suspended Rhythm Tower save and exiting the run.
  • Stick and trigger dead zone calculation adjusted
  • QA-1MIL’s attack behavior has been adjusted
  • Some of Mimosa’s dialogue has been corrected (Spanish)
  • Fixed an issue where result data from Rhythm Tower would incorrectly influence “final result” Track data when Rhythm Tower is played while a checkpoint save exists for an ongoing Track.
  • Corrected incorrect results for the SPECTRA Rooms being displayed in the Final Results if players exited the game after auto-saving
  • Fixed an issue where players could get stuck in Track 11 if they were hit by the giant robot’s laser when using the magnet grapple
  • Fixed a bug where the player could continue to play after game over animation in Rekka fight
  • Fixed the issue when after taking damage during the Rekka fight at specific timings or after the game over sequence, the player is able to move Chai.
  • Adjusted an icon in the Training Room menu that can appear squished
  • Adjusted Holo Chai SP attack motion so Chai’s hand doesn’t look super weird
  • Adjusted screen during pause menu transition to prevent visual bugs.
  • Adjusted VU-REV effects during the Rhythm Parry Attack for clarity
  • Adjusted the background during the battle with Rekka to remove visual bug when transitioning to cutscene.
  • “Game over” explanation for recommending auto-action adjusted to not appear in inappropriate situations
  • Tracks 3 and 4: Zanzo’s programmers’ salary adjusted for inflatio

The rhythm and beat-em-up crossover is currently exclusively available for Xbox Series X|S and PC via the Microsoft Store, Epic Games Store, and Steam. Or alternatively, through PC Game Pass. Feel free to check out the full details regarding photo mode over here.