Hideo Kojima might struggle with Death Stranding 2 this year

The man is a workaholic.

Norman Reedus in Death Stranding 2.

Hideo Kojima is in for quite a hectic year. The Metal Gear Solid creator has revealed that Kojima Productions is currently hard at work on so many projects, they might be difficult to juggle. This includes the eagerly-anticipated Death Stranding 2, and Xbox-exclusive horror title OD, among other things.

Kojima is no stranger to social media and frequently shares anecdotes detailing his love for video games, art, and movies. This time around, the hitmaker shared a celebratory message on X, accompanied by new art from creators Yoji and Ryu. 2024 is the Year of the Dragon, hence the artwork features a befitting dragon-inspired sketch featuring Ludens, the icon and mascot of Kojima Productions. It sure is pretty.

Year of the Dragon artwork featuring Death Stranding and Kojima Productions mascot Ludens.

Besides this, the rather lengthy message also revealed that both Death Stranding 2 and OD are in simultaneous production. As far as progress is concerned, the Death Stranding sequel still has ADR (automated dialogue replacement) left to complete. ADR is an important process that requires re-recording of audio in a controlled, quieter setting. It’s done post production to improve audio quality or reflect changes in dialogue and performance. Plus, the studio has yet to start on Japanese voice over work for the upcoming title.

Kojima revealed that he has to split his time between multiple movie productions as well. This includes but isn’t limited to a collaboration with Marvel’s Avengers and the upcoming Death Stranding movie adaption. If that’s not enough, Hideo has additional undisclosed writing projects underway. Plus, he mentioned his return to ‘HideoTube,’ a YouTube channel in which he shares extensive thoughts on various movies and TV shows. Last but not least, he teased a possible revival of ‘Hideo Radio,’ an Audible-exclusive podcast currently only available in Japan.

Ludens is a mascot featured on the Kojima Productions logo and flag.

It’s been nearly four years since the original Death Stranding. The sequel was first teased at the Game Awards in 2022. The four-minute-trailer doesn’t reveal much, except that it marks the return of main protagonist Sam Porter Bridges, played by Norman Reedus.