Intel allegedly prepping entry-level Arc A310 GPU to combat AMD and Nvidia

Bridging between integrated graphics and full-on GPUs.

Intel’s re-emergence in the graphics card space took shape with laptop-first Arc chips released last month. At that time, the budget option was Arc A350M, designed for thin-and-light laptops with a gaming bias. It now appears a less powerful, cheaper model known as Arc A310 will also be made available, ostensibly to combat present entry-level solutions from AMD and Nvidia.

Details of A310 are put forward by serial leaker ‘Enthusiastic Citizen,’ who has a firm track record of getting predictions correct. Cutting to the chase, all we know of this potential A310 is a screenshot containing rudimentary specs.

There’s not much more to go on. It appears Arc A310 is designed to compete against AMD Radeon RX 6400 and features a cut-down implementation of the G11 die, most likely with four or six Xe cores, so between 512 and 768 traditional cores. Intel may even slow down the cores and memory, to fully differentiate A310 from A350M.

The real question is whether another SKU makes sense in an Intel line-up that’s presently starved of supply?