Intel Core Ultra 5 240F may use two different core combinations

Confusion of the highest order.

Fake Intel Core Ultra box.

Intel Core Ultra 5 240F desktop processor is rumoured to feature two distinct core layouts. This will allow users to choose between two performance – and probably pricing – targets depending on their needs.

According to @xinoassassin1 via ITHome, Intel will reportedly offer upcoming Core Ultra 5 240F CPUs in two flavours. The first focuses on performance and packs eight P-cores alongside 16 E-cores, while the second makes do with six P-cores plus eight E-cores. The leaker also shared the CPU ID (C06222h) of the 6P+8E model, adding that it’ll use the brand’s 20A node.

This could mean two things. It’s possible Intel will manufacture two different dies/CPUs to ensure wide availability in the mid-range, or it will reuse partially defective 8P+16E dies alongside fully functional 6P+8E dies inside its Core Ultra 5 240F CPUs. Otherwise, Team Blue may be planning a dedicated version for its OEM partners. It might also fabricate one of these using TSMC’s facilities if we believe previous rumours.

Interestingly, @xinoassassin1 called the Core Ultra 5 240F an entry-level SKU for the desktop segment, indicating that Intel may not release anything slower than this chip. That said, since Intel doesn’t plan to have a Core Ultra 3 series, entry-level chips under the Core 3 family may feature a different core layout. Maybe packing only P-cores to save die space and reduce pricing further. If you feel confused by this new naming scheme, check out our detailed explanation here.

If this rumour is true, I feel Intel is adding unnecessary confusion to an already unusual naming convention. While some may not care about what’s inside a CPU as long as performance is the same, enthusiasts will surely have a favourite design. Personally, I think this rumour has many unknowns; thus, I’ll keep my final judgment for the official announcement.