Intel’s Core i9-14900KF CPU takes the overclocking world record

It’s over 9,000!

Elmor, SkatterBencher, Shamino, and Bing, achieving 9GHz OC

Each CPU launch marks a new party time for the overclocking community, and Intel’s 14th Gen Core is no exception. With the backing of Asus, extreme overclocker Elmor has taken the new Intel Core i9-14900KF for a spin, smashing his previous world record in the process.

Elmor, SkatterBencher, Shamino, and Bing have joined forces to hit 9,043.92MHz on the Core i9-14900KF. Elmor and SkatterBencher took the overclocking part, while Shamino and Bing managed temperatures.

They attained the record with a 100.49MHz bus frequency and x90 multiplier at a massive 1.860V Vcore, using a single core – core 01, to be exact. For reference, the default Vcore should be around 1.3V, depending on the motherboard’s settings. The CPU seemingly also had its E-cores disabled as CPU-Z only showed 8 cores, i.e. the number of P-cores on said CPU.

Core i9-14900KF 9GHz OC


This record was achieved at a frosty -245°C temperature, thanks to liquid helium. To cool the CPU, the team used Liquid Helium, which sits at -269°C instead of the usual Liquid Nitrogen’s -195.8°C. Helium is also more expensive, all while absorbing less heat than Nitrogen before transforming into gas, further exaggerating its cost. Not to mention storing the stuff is an absolute pain.

The rest of the system used an Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore, 16GB of DDR5-4800 memory, and an unknown graphics card for video output. Unlike the Intel Core i9-14900K that we tested, the KF model doesn’t include an iGPU.

9.1GHz overclocking is on the menu for next time

Core i9-14900KF 9100MHz OC

The team also managed to glimpse the possibility of 9.1GHz, but they couldn’t save the validation files before the machine stumbled. Maybe next time.

Lastly, SkatterBencher continues having fun with the 14900KF. Recently, they achieved a x100 multiplier at 86.99MHz bus speed, offering a respectable 8,698.7MHz single-core OC.

We can’t wait to see the 10GHz barrier smashed, maybe with a Core 9 15900KF in the not-too-distant future.