Jonsbo announces HP400S low-profile CPU cooler for compact chassis

Another choice for SFF enthusiasts.

Jonsbo HP400S

Jonsbo has updated its slim HP400S CPU cooler with a tweaked design featuring a new thicker heatsink. Let’s dive in.

The new HP400S keeps its four 6mm direct-touch heatpipes alongside excellent hardware clearance. However, to be honest, most of the specs look like a downgrade. The weight goes up from 350g to 380g, 103mm x 92mm x 40mm dimensions gain 4mm in height – due to the thicker heatsink – while the noise level escalates from 34dBA to 33dBA, even though speed is 200RPM lower at 2,800RPM, which in turn reduces airflow from 48.3CFM to 38.18CFM on the newer 90mm PWM fan.

Jonsbo HP400S - Base

While these specs are appear worse on paper, the brand still claims the same 140W of heat dissipation, which is around or slightly higher than what other brands announce for such coolers. Compatibility has also remained identical, comprising Intel’s LGA 115X, LGA 1200, LGA 1700, and AMD’s AM4. Note that even if AM4 coolers which use the original motherboard mounting system are compatible with AM5, those that swap that mechanism for their own may not be.

Jonsbo HP400S - Side

As usual with low-profile coolers, the heatsink is screwed from the motherboard’s back, meaning a partial system disassembly may be required if the chassis doesn’t have a large-enough opening behind the board.

Unfortunately, Jonsbo didn’t give any official pricing, but looking at the older model’s £22 tag, we would assume a similar cost for this revision.