Leaked performance results paint Nvidia RTX 4070 as comparable to RTX 3080

Banging on the DLSS drum.

RTX 4070

Nvidia’s internal performance slides for GeForce RTX 4070 have been leaked showing neck-to-neck performance with RTX 3080 at a much lower power draw and MSRP.

According to the leak, RTX 4070 is targeting 100FPS or more at 1440p using RT and DLSS 3. The slides paint RTX 4070 as 1.4x faster than an RTX 3080 when using DLSS 3 Frame Generation. Somewhat misleading given that Frame Generation isn’t available to the previous-gen equivalent, yet even on pure rasterisation terms, RTX 4070 is said to be directly comparable to RTX 3080, and 1.2x faster than RTX 3070 Ti.

RTX 4070 - Perf Leak 01
Source: Videocardz

Team Green aims for 100 FPS or more in titles such as Cyberpunk 2077 (not Overdrive), Dying Light 2 and Forza Horizon 5, with Frame Generation helping reach those targets.

Assuming decent availability, a $599 MSRP represents a $200 reduction over the nearly three-year-old RTX 3080 10GB. Given the soaring cost of living, such pricing shouldn’t come as much of a shock. What is more concerning is the limited memory pool of 12GB which may become problematic in the latest games, irrespective of heightened onboard cache.

RTX 4070 - Perf Leak 02
Source: Videocardz

Of course, Nvidia’s internal numbers should be taken with a pinch of salt. At the end of the day, third-party reviews will settle things, helping users make the right decision for their next hardware purchase. Stay tuned for the Club386 verdict.