Microsoft smashes through 21 million Xbox Series S|X console sales


Xbox Series S by mika baumeister

Microsoft seemingly let slip that the current-generation Xbox Series X|S console has surpassed 21 million sales globally during the second day of the Best International Games Festival in Brazil.

Why does this matter, you ask? Well, Microsoft set a precedent nearly eight years ago by consciously choosing not to publicise hardware sales. Xbox commander-in-chief, Phil Spencer, in recent memory, has gone on record in an interview with Kinda Funny Games podcast, stating that console sales and outselling competitors are the least of Xbox’s concerns. Rather, focusing on the “Xbox console experience” remains top priority. Whatever that means.

Nonetheless, the sales numbers came part and parcel of an ID@Xbox presentation, revealing combined Xbox Series X|S of over 21 million units sold worldwide. The graphic also revealed that when including the previous-generation Xbox One console to this sales figure, over 79 million units have sold globally. Meaning, Microsoft managed to sell about 58 million Xbox One consoles over its near-decade-long lifetime. Impressive.

Additionally, it was also shown that 48 per cent of Xbox Series S console buyers are new to the Xbox experience. This could be due to the console sitting pretty in its entirely own price segment. Regular price drops have helped, as well as the surge of console sales in the Asian market – a place where Xbox has long struggled to find its footing ever since the original Xbox debuted. Not forgetting to mention, the all-you-can-play buffet that is Xbox Game Pass. Of course, there are many other reasons to consider an Xbox Series S.

“This generation, we’re welcoming more new console players to Xbox than ever before in Asia, largely because of Series S, where more than half of sales have gone to first-time Xbox owners,” big Phil revealed last September.

Still, this doesn’t mean Xbox reigns supreme in terms of sales; that honour goes to Nintendo Switch, with a combined total of over 125 million units sold since its debut in 2017, making it the third best-selling console of all time. Meanwhile, over at Sony, the console maker has already sold 38 million PS5 consoles as of the end of March 2023.

Looking toward the future, hopefully Microsoft can expect a bigger turnover when Starfield launches exclusively on the Xbox Series and PC in September. It is the most highly-anticipated game of the year.