MSI BIOS boosts Core i9-14900KS to 6.4GHz with a single click

Ready to break a new power consumption record.

MSI MEG Z790 Ace motherboard.

MSI has seemingly added a one-click 6.4GHz overclock in its BIOS for Intel’s upcoming flagship processor. Simple to use, this option should push the CPU 200MHz higher to unlock as much performance as possible.

Spotted by chi11eddog on X (Twitter), the updated P-Core Beyond 6GHz+ menu now offers up to a 6.4GHz selection. Previously limited to 6.3GHz, this tab allows users to crank things up automatically to gain some performance. No overclocking knowledge is needed.

Though not world-changing, this little frequency bump is welcome nonetheless, especially if it runs stable on all Core i9-14900KS CPUs. This would also indicate that further overclocking may be possible through manual tuning, which will help excuse its higher $749 price tag. Moreover, chances are this option may also be available with the much cheaper i9-14900K for those lucky enough to have a chip capable of handling such frequency.

MSI motherboard BIOS interface.
Source: chi11eddog.

Needless to say that in order to handle such speeds, the CPU will require a good amount of cooling. The Arctic Liquid Freezer III 420 with its large radiator and Intel CPU contact frame comes to mind. While not sustainable for long, this beast has been benchmarked hitting 409W for a short duration.

Auto-OC aside, you can bet the overclocking community will have a field day with these chips, pushing them to new heights using LN2. So, get ready for some OC records in the upcoming days.

Lastly, this option will likely be limited to the brand’s high-end Max motherboard series since their VRMs should be able to handle the augmented power draw. We will be fixed soon, as the Core i9-14900KS is expected to reach store shelves tomorrow.