Razer launches Stream Controller for streamers and content creators

A rebranding of the Loupedeck Live.

Razer Stream Controller

Razer has announced its take on Elgato’s popular Stream Deck called Stream Controller, aimed at, you guessed it, streamers and content creators.

Those who watch Twitch streams have probably heard or seen an Elgato Stream Deck (not to be confused with the Steam Deck). As its naming suggests, it is an accessory to assist streamers during broadcasts by offering quick, customisable controls.

Razer does not reinvent the wheel with its Stream Controller and implements many popular Stream Deck functions that made it so indispensable. It allows faster access to certain commands and apps offering many customisation options. A must-have in any streamer build.

Razer Stream Controller - Layout

The Stream Controller measures 151mm x 101.5mm x 30.2mm and weighs 210g. Unlike Elgato, Razer’s peripheral has 12 haptic switchblade keys with adjustable haptic feedback for an ideal level of tactile response, according to the company, and features a ‘Dynamic Mode’ that automatically switches profiles based on detected apps. Key appearance can be personalised with unique static or animated icons, including over 80 downloadable ones if you don’t have time to create your own.

Add to that six analog dials providing control over the level of multiple audio channels for a perfect audio mix while streaming, and eight programmable buttons which can be configured to instantly bring up different sets of shortcuts for fast app launch or stream events activation, or simply as a faster way to perform common actions such as switching scenes.

Razer Stream Controller - Plugins

If you are a streaming connoisseur, you may have made the link between Razer’s Stream Controller and Loupedeck’s Live. In fact, Razer seems to have simply rebranded the Live, which is not a bad thing per se; it’s just we would have liked something more than a logo swap.

With that said, Razer doesn’t hide this fact, but rather indicates the need to install Loupedeck software to control this peripheral, add macros, and download plugins to support Twitch, OBS Studio, Spotify, Philips Hue, or Razer Chroma.

“Creation is all about pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. That’s exactly what Razer’s sole focus is with our streaming suite of tools we’re putting in creator’s hands,” said Richard Hashim, head of the Mobile and Console division at Razer.

Compatible with Windows/macOS and connecting via a 2m-long USB-A to USB-C cable, Stream Controller will be available in autumn 2022 for £259.99 MSRP.