Scythe GT360 AIO CPU liquid cooler is fake

The brand is working on its own AIOs.

Scythe GT360 AIO CPU Liquid Cooler.

Scythe has stated that recent products, including the GT360 AIO CPU liquid cooler, have no affiliation with the Japanese brand. It seems that some unnamed Chinese manufacturers are using the brand’s name and logo to sell their products.

In a statement, the official brand explains that it currently has no official representation in China. This means that all products coming out of the country stamped with its name are either counterfeits or outright imposters. The situation seemingly escalated as images of a supposed Sythe GT360 AIO got fans hyped.

Scythe statement regarding the GT360 AIO cooler.

Scythe was in a legal battle against another Chinese entity that was using its brand to sell its unrelated products. After years of multiple legal actions, Scythe finally managed to invalidate the Chinese brand holder’s rights. This caused a vacuum as no one held the right of Scythe branding in China. As you’d expect, unscrupulous actors filled the void, using it to sell their products. This situation could continue until Scythe finishes its ongoing trademark registration in China.

It’s easy to understand why the Scythe badge would immediately influence buyers. After all, we know the company is responsible for fantastic air coolers like the FUMA series. It’s not a far cry from the best CPU coolers we’ve tested.

This is unfortunate, as the design didn’t seem bad at all. I also liked those unique-looking fans. But hey, if they don’t trust their product enough to use their own name on it, they’re likely hiding something. Scythe doesn’t yet have any liquid coolers on the market, but it did announce that it’s working on some designs.

Scythe concluded by saying – rightfully so – that it will not provide any maintenance or warranties for these ‘fake’ products. For now, keep your eye on anything that features Scythe’s name. If you can’t find the product on the brand’s website, chances are it’s an imposter.