SilverStone’s new AIO is a slim cooler for monster AMD SP5 CPUs

When the only criteria is performance.

SilverStone XE360-SP5 AIO CPU liquid cooler

SilverStone has launched the XE360-SP5 360mm AIO liquid cooler ready to tame AMD’s Epyc Genoa, Genoa-X, and Bergamo server CPUs.

Compatible with Zen-4-based Epyc processors, the XE360-SP5 is a performance-focused product that aims to cool the servers’ massive core counts using a chonky micro-channel alongside enough surface area to cover the CPU. Just don’t expect any RGB or eye-catching bling; this one is for professionals looking for the best cooling, first and foremost.

SilverStone XE360-SP5 - Block

At the same time, don’t let its bare design deceive you, as this cooler uses a 28mm-thick 360mm aluminium radiator – measuring 120mm (W) x 28mm (H) x 394mm (D) to be exact. This should allow it to soak up more heat than the 25mm or 20mm-thick radiators found in desktop AIO coolers. This is necessary, as we are talking about cooling monster chips housing up to 96 Zen 4 cores with a default power rating of reaching 400W. Even the Core i9-13900KS is no match.

Note that SilverStone also offers an identical cooler called XE360-4677 for Intel’s LGA 4677 socket, in case you are operating Sapphire Rapids or Emerald Rapids Xeon processors.

SilverStone XE360-SP5 - Radiator

To keep a low profile, the XE360-SP5 nickel-plated copper water block doesn’t house a pump. Instead, the latter is located inside the radiator between the fins, driven by a three-phase six-pole motor and rotating up to 4,000rpm. A set of 460mm-long rubber tubes connects the CPU block and radiator.

SilverStone recommends disabling the PWM/DC mode of the header powering the pump from your motherboard’s BIOS or setting the pump speed to 100 per cent.

SilverStone XE360-SP5 - Base

The radiator is cooled by three 120mm fans revolving from 600 to 2,800rpm, which at full throttle causes up to 46dBA of noise, 87.72CFM of airflow, and 3.09mmH₂O of pressure.

While SilverStone didn’t disclose pricing for the XE360-SP5, we expect it to become available at around $325, like the Intel version.