You’ve got to see SilverStone’s one-of-a-kind AIO cooler with many fans for motherboard cooling

The heck is this contraption?


SilverStone has introduced its latest creation combining a liquid cooler pump housing as many fans as you desire for extra airflow around the CPU area.

When you think you have seen it all, there is always someone to contradict you. This time it’s SilverStone, who is using the Computex 2023 stage to showcase not only a stellar lineup of chassis, but also a crazy-but-oh-so-colourful IceMyst AIO cooler featuring stackable addon fans for motherboard cooling.


Available with radiator sizes from 240mm up to 420mm, the IceMyst pump housing can carry as many IMF 70 fans as you like, the only limiting factor being the motherboard PWM header power rating. Each one can swing and move freely for the rest to be positioned on top of where cooling is required.

With that said, don’t go crazy like SilverStone and its 12 fan tower demonstration; the magnets may not be enough to hold your creation. Though, after consideration, chassis clearance may limit you first. With its fans all over the place, the IceMyst resembles those expensive makeup boxes – subliminally giving an idea about the price to pay for all those extra fans, perhaps.


All joking aside, while liquid coolers that don’t include a fan on the pump block tend to result in higher VRM temperatures due to lack of airflow, putting 12 or even five may be a bit too much. A more realistic approach would be one or two fans over the VRM or SSD, though, then it wouldn’t look quite so pretty, would it?

If not useful for many, at least it takes the cake when it comes to uniqueness. Good job SilverStone.