Smaller Samsung QD-OLED panels are coming to gaming monitors

Samsung display officially unveiling of two small screen QD-OLED monitors. The left is a UHD 31.5in and the right is a QHD 27in display.

Samsung Display has teased that it will begin mass-producing gaming-centric QD-OLED monitors. The Korean electronics giant says it aims to double monitor shipments in 2024 by giving gamers what they desire – smaller, high-refresh-rate QD-OLED panels.

Specifically, Samsung Display plans to produce 27in and 32in QD-OLED variants designed specifically for high-end gaming bliss. Specs are few and far between; nevertheless, the 32in model will feature a high-resolution 4K panel, with a purported pixel density of 140 PPI. In terms of image quality, Samsung claims that’s equivalent to a 65in 8K. An enticing proposition, indeed.

On the other hand, its slightly smaller sibling will feature a QHD resolution at 2560 x 1440p. The exact PPI is not listed for this one. However, when comparing apples to oranges, a high-end 27in, QHD OLED monitor usually features a 110.8 PPI. Dense enough for even the most eagle-eyed pixel-peepers.

A side by side comparison of the 31.5in and 27in Samsung QD-OLED displays. Both feature ultra fast 360Hz refresh rates.

Moving on, another highlight reveals that both monitors will feature a blazing-fast 360Hz refresh rate and 0.03ms response time. Samsung markets these as being “the future of entertainment.” Based on the little sneak peek alone, they darn well could be.

Of note, Samsung plans to release additional 34in and 49in QD-OLED panels as part of the premium lineup. The product announcement markets these monitors for “gamers who demand the best.” It goes without saying that those gamers will require pretty deep pockets too.

We’re not sure when these flashy new monitors will be released to market as of yet. What we do know, is Samsung will supply panels to Asus, Dell, and MSI.