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Intel Core 13th Gen 65W and 35W

Intel attacks AMD in the mainstream desktop CPU space with 65W and 35W 13th...

Bolstering the 13th Gen Core range by a further 16 chips, there is something for everyone.
MSI Creator P50

MSI updates Creator P50 with Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake CPUs

MSI is launching a refreshed Creator P50 compact PC in Japan.

Intel unleashes monster 16-core Core i9-12900HX laptop CPU

Part of seven new HX-Series processors, each brandishing a brazen 157W max power rating.

Intel Core i9-12900KS review: 5.5GHz here we go

Monster performance with a monster price tag.

Intel officially outs Core i9-12900KS, sets $739 fee

Team Blue's finest desktop processor arrives April 5.

Intel readying more 12th Gen HX mobile chips to counter AMD threat

Upcoming Intel HX-class mobile chips to offer lots more choice for high-end gaming laptops.

Intel 24-thread laptop Core i9-12900HX matches desktop AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Full might of Alder Lake coming to high-performance laptops.

Z690 Aorus Master motherboard review: 10GbE at last

Hitting most of the right notes, a really good board for Intel 12th Gen Core i9.

ASRock NUC 1200 Box Intel Alder Lake PC is small yet powerful

A great little box more than capable for today's workloads.
Corsair One i300

Corsair One i300 Compact Gaming PC review: don’t judge me by me size!

Small-form-factor PCs don't come much better than this.
Intel Core mobile

Intel unleashes full 12th Gen Core mobile armada, promises AMD-beating perf

Intel releases full mobile payload. Aims at AMD.

ASRock B660 Pro RS motherboard review: low-cost foundations

A good partner for Intel 12th Gen Core i3 and Core i5.

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