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Intel Core i9-14900K Looking Good

Intel Core i9-14900K review – 13900KS deja vu

Intel clobbers the wattage to guarantee Core i9-14900K remains top dog.
Core i3 blender render by Thufiel M via Unsplash

Intel Core i9-14900K prices leak, and it could cost more outside the UK

More price leaks spread across the Internet as we draw closer to the imminent Intel Raptor Lake-S launch.
Intel 13 Gen Z790 MPG MSI

Oopsie! MSI unintentionally leaks Intel 14th Gen specs via YouTube Live stream

MSI's unintentional live stream blunder lets slip confirmed specs for next-gen Intel Raptor Lake Refresh.
Intel Core Processor

New Intel 14th Gen Core CPU specs surface and contradict prior rumours

New Intel Raptor Lake-S Refresh specs emerge: no more extra cores on i5 and i3 series.
Raptor Lake

Intel 14th Gen Core desktop chips rumoured to arrive October 16, 2023

Raptor Lake Refresh ought to work in most 600- and 700-series boards.

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