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Colorful announces iGame Z690D5 Ultra white motherboard for Intel 12th Gen CPUs

Eye-catching aesthetics alongside DDR5 and 2.5Gb/s LAN.

Win one of two ASRock Intel 12th Gen motherboards

Your chance to get your hands on the epic Z690 Taichi Razer Edition or B660 Steel Legend!
MSi MEG Z690 Godlike

MSI unwraps the $2,099 MEG Z690 Godlike motherboard

Pricey motherboard only available to previous Godlike or premium MSI GPU buyers.

ASRock Z690 Extreme motherboard review: superb power delivery

Much discussion has been had of the merits of DDR4 vs DDR5 on Alder Lake. ASRock's Z690 Extreme provides some answers.
Sorry no PCIe Gen5 support

Asus B660 motherboard packaging flags lack of PCIe Gen5 support

As we move down through mid- and lower-tier 600 series chipset motherboards, expect sacrifices.

MSI showcases MPG Z690 motherboards for Intel Alder Lake

If you are a fan of previous-generation MSI MPG motherboards, these may represent a noteworthy upgrade path.

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