The Intel i9-14900K can hit 1,300fps in Counter Strike 2, but you can’t

Intel’s VP manages cooling.

Intel Extreme Masters overclocking event in Sydney

Intel’s latest and greatest desktop CPU, the Core i9-14900K, has been overclocked to 8GHz while playing games live on stage.

During the Intel Extreme Masters taking place in Sydney, TeamAU, Gigabyte, and Intel presented a skilled gaming demonstration combining a 14th gen Core i9-14900K and some liquid nitrogen (LN2).

While not as impressive as the 9GHz by Elmor, this time the system was stable enough to run games. Most notably, the team was able to break the 1,000fps barrier in Counter-Strike 2, reaching up to a whopping 1,300fps.

The best part is that some lucky attendees got to try this high frame rate experience first-hand. If only we had 1,000Hz displays to show this many frames. Currently, Asus’ ROG Swift Pro PG248QP monitor with its 540Hz refresh rate is the best we can get, yet still two times slower than the produced fps.

It goes without saying that such an exploit isn’t possible using traditional cooling methods. For this demo, the team used overclockers’ favourite tool, liquid nitrogen, poured by none other than Intel’s vice president and general manager Roger Chandler.

The result is a CPU running at 7.5GHz during the video you see above, and 8GHz live on stage a bit later, with Counter-Strike 2 still pumping those frames in deathmatch games played by some lucky spectators. As a reminder, the Core i9-14900K’s out-of-the-box peak frequency is 6GHz, meaning that TeamAU realised a 33 per cent overclock.

Lastly, TeamAU also managed to overclock a DDR5 memory module to 11,618MT/s at 64-127-127-127 timings. This is an impressive achievement, even in a controlled environment, let alone a live demonstration on stage. A good event I must say.