V-Color DDR5 R-DIMM blasts 8,000MT/s on AMD Threadripper

AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7000 keeps on giving.

V-Color DDR5 R-DIMM memory on Gigabyte TRX50 Aero D motherboard.

V-Color has achieved 8,000MT/s RAM speed on an AMD Ryzen Threadripper 7970X on top of a Gigabyte TRX50 motherboard. The feat was done with all memory slots filled with R-DIMM modules.

It seems that AMD’s Threadripper 7000 lineup won’t stop giving. Starting with impressive Cinebench results when overclocked, now we have super-fast RAM to feed the beast. And we’re not talking about the Minecraft mode, though this combo would make for a monster server.

Made by V-Color, this memory kit comprises four 16GB modules. Each are supposedly clocked at 8,0000MT/s by default, with 40-52-52-126 timings and 1.4V operating voltage. These modules were installed on a Gigabyte TRX50 Aero D plus Ryzen Threadripper 7970X platform.

This is a noteworthy achievement. Especially so if this frequency was reached without any input (overclocking) from the user, apart from enabling the full speed in BIOS. Stability is key in the professional world, and manual OC is not always safe for 24/7 operation.

This also shows that TRX50 motherboards and CPUs are already capable of handling such speeds. All that’s left for V-Color is to offer higher capacity R-DIMM modules that run at these frequencies.

CPU-Z showing V-Color DDR5 RAM at 8,000MTs on Threadripper 7970X.

This is nice and all, but the real question is: V-Color, what are you hiding in that crack folder?

Jokes aside, it’s interesting to see that workstation machines can also enjoy high speed memory. Especially if said speed is higher than what many current genre gaming machines can handle. So, should we start paying more to get the fastest hardware? Luckily no, as at least in Threadripper’s case, gaming performance is much lower than what we see on the best CPU for consumers. It’s surprising considering all those cores. Performance aside, I like how these modules look. They remind me of some DDR2 memory kits.

Anyway, congrats to V-Color, Gigabyte, and AMD for this achievement.