V-Color hits a new speed record with its Manta Xfinity DDR5-8400

Reveal the power of your PC.

V-Color Manta Xfinity DDR5-8400 RAM modules.

V-Color has announced its latest RAM kits tailored for hardware enthusiasts and users wanting the ultimate experience. Reaching up to 8,400MT/s, these kits should help you squeeze as much performance as possible from the latest CPUs.

Joining the Xfinity series, these modules use SK Hynix DRAM chips running at 40-52-52-130 timings. They also support Intel XMP 3.0 profiles to enable their 8,400MT/s rated speed with a single click. As usual, V-Color will offer these kits with black or white heatsinks, topped by an RGB light bar. Four kit capacities will be available, 32GB (2x16GB), 48GB (2x24GB), 64GB (2x32GB), and 96GB (2x48GB). Sounds like an excellent choice for those needing both high capacity and frequency.

V-Color Manta Xfinity DDR5-8400 kit test results.

That said, you may need a good motherboard and CPU to reach such speeds. As a rule of thumb, motherboards that only carry two RAM slots and high-end Intel CPUs tend to better handle these high speeds. As an example, for its validation tests, V-Color used Gigabyte Z790 Aorus Tachyon X and Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Apex motherboards alongside an Intel Core i9-14900K.

The brand claims that its cooler design has the potential to decrease temperatures by up to 40%. It also says that its tested the Xfinity series extensively on multiple motherboard models and brands to guarantee smooth integration with various system configurations.

We don’t yet know the pricing, but we can expect a premium for such a product. Looking at the rare equivalent models indicates you might pay around £350 for a 48GB kit, or higher if we believe the rumours about DRAM price increases.