Arctic new server fans are designed to spin endlessly

Keep your servers running cool.

Arctic S8038 server fan on a melting ice background.

Arctic has announced the S8038-7K and S8038-10K server fans, made specifically for 24/7 operations. Reaching up to 10,000rpm, the brand had to cool the motor to improve its durability, while delivering impressive performance for the size.

The S8038 series uses dual ball bearings and a steel shaft connecting the blades to ensure uninterrupted operation. Generally, they suit 2U server racks best thanks to their 80mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 38mm (D) dimensions. Both models start at 500rpm, but there are no prizes for guessing how fast they spin. With names like S8038-7K and S8038-10K, the clue is in the last part, with each capping out at 7,000rpm and 10,000pm, respectively. Rotating faster also demands more juice, as Arctic claims 6W and 15.6W of power consumption on each model.

The S8038-7K provides 70cfm airflow and 25mmH2O static pressure, making it suitable for chassis air circulation or restricted heatsink/radiator cooling. The S8038-10K on the other hand delivers a bit more performance thanks to its higher speed, with 102cfm and 51mmH2O.

Arctic S8038 server fan inside a server rack.

With such speedy rotation, the heat it generates could potentially reduce motor life. To avoid such issues, Arctic has also added another five blades to the centre hub, pushing air through the motor coils to cool them. Arctic claims up to 50% longer lifespans using this design.

That said, we wonder how this design handles dust. It’s possible that it could build inside the motor if used in a non-filtered environment. Server and data centres should be fine as they’re usually pretty clean.

If this quality interests you, keep in mind that they are built for function rather than form. This means no RGB lighting or daisy chaining like Seasonic’s MagFlow or Corsair’s iCUE Link.

You can find the Arctic S8038-7K and S8038-10K on Amazon at $14.99 and $15.99, backed by six years of warranty. These fans are also available in packs of four at $41.99 and $44.99, respectively.