Bethesda discloses huge plans for Fallout 76 players

War never changes, but Appalachia certainly does.

Fallout 76 introduces more of Atlantic City in next update.

The year is slowly drawing to a close, yet Bethesda has one more surprise announcement in store. Scheduled for spring 2024 and beyond, Bethesda plans on expanding Fallout 76 with map expansions, quests, special events, and much more. Let’s dive in.

As you may know, the irradiated resort town Atlantic City – Boardwalk Paradise released earlier this month to much fanfare. It was part and parcel of the Season 15: Big Score release. This added a bunch of new unique NPCs, scary monsters, a special heist event, and a glitzy, albeit nuked version of the iconic casino resort for players to explore.

The Atlantic City – America’s Playground update scheduled for spring 2024 is an expansion of this New Jersey-inspired resort. The Fallout team promises a bigger, richer, and more diverse environment. It also features a main mission event similar to the Big Score, and more story-driven quests. Plus, special timed events that’ll provide plenty of rewards. There’s even an opportunity to confront the legendary creature known as the ‘Jersey Devil.’

That’s not all. Later in 2024, this will be followed up by The Wooded Heartland of Shenandoah update, further expanding on the game’s landscape. It features an uncharted town in the heart of West Virginia featuring its very own unique questlines, factions, and rewards.

Seasonal events

Rounding off, the team aims to shine a greater light on the game’s Seasonal Events. There will be more content to discover, newly added features, and improvements to gameplay for avid builders and adventurers alike. Sounds like a smashing time.

Fallout 76 has had quite a turnaround these past few months. Bethesda proudly announced that over 17 million players have joined the multiplayer post-apocalyptic RPG. The surge in popularity started with the additions of NPCs and fixes to major bugs that plagued the game’s servers. This extended to new content and expansions like Steel Reign, Steel Dawn, and The Pitt. They, by any measure, undoubtedly helped fill the wasteland. Furthermore, seasonal content helped keep players engaged and coming back for more.

Fallout 76 concept Art expansion for the wooded heartland of Shenandoah

Finally, the blog post also cheekily plugged the Fallout TV series that’s coming to Amazon Prime. It just so happens to launch around the same time the first update kicks off in spring 2024. Better start marking those calendars, folks.