Corsair launches online PC builder

Nothing out of the ordinary, but it’s a good start.

Aiming to give a helping hand to component buffs, Corsair has announced a new online computer builder.

Resembling others from the likes of NZXT and PCPartPicker, this one comes with Corsair’s touch on it. Having perused it, the website is intuitive and easy to use, recommendations are not extravagant or obvious cash grabs. Generally speaking, they make sense, although a bit on the conservative side sometimes.

For example, when choosing a small or non-compatible case, the builder doesn’t recommend any water coolers. But in contrast, when it comes to PSUs, the recommendations are a smidge higher than needed, especially when aiming for a budget build, whatever that word means nowadays.

After loading the website, you are greeted with three choices, starting from scratch, from templates or load configuration (premade ones, we assume). The latter two are not yet available.

When going from scratch, we begin by finding a graphics card suiting our needs, then CPU, motherboard, etc. The list of proposed components is vast, although thanks to the chip-shortage situation we are living in, a lot of them are out of stock.

To no one’s surprise, Corsair recommends its own hardware if possible. But to the company’s credit, at least the choices make sense. For example, no 1,000W PSU alongside an RTX 3050 in our tests.

As improvements, we would like to see more details about the selected item. In the case of CPUs, GPUs and motherboards, there are no details to be found, so a non-tech savvy consumer will have a hard time knowing what part to pick.

When using the builder, Corsair guarantees verified compatibility, fast delivery, technical support, international warranty, and 30-day hassle-free returns​.

If you fancy giving it a try, head to this link and have fun.