Corsair MP600 Micro is a tiny SSD for Steam Deck

Fast loading times on the go.

Corsair MP600 Micro on top of a laptop keyboard.

Corsair has announced the MP600 Micro M.2 SSD featuring PCIe Gen 4 speeds in a small package. It’s so dinky, it’s a perfect upgrade for thin laptops or gaming handhelds like Steam Deck and Lenovo Legion Go.

Available only in 1TB for now, the MP600 Micro is Corsair’s addition to the 42mm long M.2 2242 format. The brand claims it can deliver up to 5,100MB/s sequential read and 4,300MB/s sequential write using a PCIe Gen 4 x4 interface. It even supports the NVMe 1.4 protocol.

Furthermore, Corsair claims the MP600 Micro can reach up to 600K and 890K max random read and write on IOMeter. These numbers don’t disappoint. The only issue is the lack of other capacities, and Corsair didn’t indicate whether it’ll offer them later. That said, 1TB is already enough for many users, especially on handheld machines.

Corsair MP600 Micro compact SSD.

The MP600 Micro uses high-density 3D TLC NAND flash rated for 600TBW endurance on the 1TB model. Moreover, it also only consumes about 4.3W on average, allowing your machine’s battery to keep running for longer. This makes it perfect for thin laptops and gaming handheld devices such as the Lenovo Legion Go.

Note that due to its compact size, these chips are on both drive sides. Particularly confined devices may not have enough clearance.

If you’re more interested in something for your living room console, you’d be better off with its larger sibling: MP600 Pro NH. After all, Sony requires 5,500MB/s read for optimal performance on the PlayStation 5. The latter also offers larger capacities up to 8TB. Otherwise, if you are looking for something for your Steam Deck, the MP600 Mini is as small as it gets.

You can find the Corsair MP600 Micro 1TB SSD at £79.99 / €94.99 / $84.99 backed by a five-year warranty.