Corsair Vengeance RAM gets a custom Sakura model for anime fans

I like it.

Corsair DDR5 RAM with Sakura theme.

Corsair has dropped its universal black-and-white coating and ventured into anime-style territories. The brand is planning a range of DDR5 memory modules boasting cute characters and Sakura flowers.

Corsair is collaborating with Chinese brand Yeston – known for its pets and Sakura-themed graphics cards – on some new Vengeance DDR5 RAM kits. These will range from 6,400MT/s to 7,200MT/s indicating compatibility with Intel’s 13th and 14th Gen platforms as AMD’s Ryzen 7000 support tends to hover around 6,000MT/s. Since they are likely to be simple rebrands of existing Vengeance kits, we can expect from CL40 to CL30 timings.

Look-wise, the entire heatsink seems to be of a new design with a recessed RGB diffuser in the centre and a carbon fibre-like frame around the Vengeance branding. The star of the show, however, is undoubtedly the characters’ drawings and Sakura flowers. It changes from the usual black and white designs.

Corsair DDR5 RAM with Sakura anime skin.

Regarding size, these kits resemble Corsair’s regular Vengeance RGB DDR5 modules, thus you can expect around 56mm in height. So CPU cooler compatibility shouldn’t be an issue, especially with adaptable models such as Corsair’s own A115.

While I rather have clean non-RGB heatsinks on black or white RAM – especially considering the recent RGB burning stories, with this anime/Sakura variant, I think RGB is mandatory as it enhances the look a lot. Now we need an iCUE 5000T RGB Sakura edition.

These sticks go hand-in-hand with the Corsair Cherry Blossom keycap and mouse mat bundle. Unfortunately, like many Chinese-targeted hardware, we may not see these coming our way via official channels. To Corsair and other brands, we also can enjoy coloured hardware – when done correctly.