Yeston’s RTX 4060 Ti Cute Pet Edition features Meow Star lighting because of course it does

Here kitty kitty.

Yeston RTX 4060 Ti Cute Pet Edition grapgics card
Background by Bärbel Kobus

Yeston has released the RTX 4060 Ti Cute Pet Edition graphics card. If the name doesn’t drop a big enough hint, the card features the brand’s cat-themed cooler and lighting effects tailored for feline lovers. It might not be the best graphics card in the eyes of performance, but it is in the eyes of, well, us…

Cute Pet Edition – I’ll never tire of calling it that – carries 4,352 CUDA cores clocked at 2,535MHz boost, coupled with 8GB of GDDR6 memory running on a 128-bit bus. The card operates on a PCIe 4.0 x8 interface and consumes up to 165W fed via a single 8-pin connector located near the card’s centre due to the PCB being shorter than the cooler.

The cooler is 2.5-slot wide carrying dual 90mm fans topping a heatsink made from aluminium and 6mm heat pipes. Video output on the tail end is covered by three HDMI ports plus one DisplayPort.

This latest addition to the Cute Pet series is designed to resemble a cat’s face and features a Meow Star lighting system transforming it into a smiley feline shining in pink/purple thanks to LED-lit mouth, nose, ears, and fans – which act as eyes. All in all, aside from some minor changes, this design is identical to the one used on Yeston’s older RX 580 Cute Pet graphics card.

No doubt this model is much more unique than Yeston’s RX 7900 XT Sakura. I would even say that this one takes the RX 7600 Party Animals‘ cake.

Finally, note that the heatsink directs air horizontally, meaning that a good portion of hot air is guided towards the rear exhaust (I/O side) which is not the case for all graphics cards. This allows it to be a good candidate for compact machines that could benefit from steering hot air directly to the outside, instead of relying on chassis fans to do so.

Yeston’s RTX 4060 Ti Cute Pet graphics card can be found on Chinese retailer priced at ¥3,199 (£354).