DeepCool unveils truly massive Assassin IV air cooler rated at 280W

GPUs are not the only components getting chunky coolers.

DeepCool Assassin IV

DeepCool has revealed its next step in CPU cooling with the sleek-looking Assassin IV featuring a 120mm plus a 140mm fan capable of taming up to 280W of power.

The new Assassin IV marks a huge design shift from the older Assassin III, bringing it much closer to the AK500 style. It has a clean aesthetic, meaning no more visible grey fins on the back or sides. Instead, we get a fully enclosed black fin stack with DeepCool’s signature checkerboard pattern.

The heatsink towers are connected to the base plate via seven 6mm heatpipes, which then get cooled by a combination of 140mm and 120mm fluid-dynamic bearing fans powered by 3-phase 6-stage motors. This gives the Assassin IV the capacity to handle thermal loads of up to 280W, according to DeepCool.

Interestingly, DeepCool went with a dual-pull-fan scheme to allow for complete clearness over memory slots, which subsequently also provides an unobstructed view over any RGB-lit RAM. Those who have access to a 3D printer may even go the extra step and make a duct that forwards all hot air directly to the outside through the chassis’ rear fan opening.

Finally, we can easily switch between silent and extreme cooling modes – from the looks of it – using the button visible on top of the cooler frame.

DeepCool Assassin IV - Fan
Source: techpowerup

DeepCool LCD screen

On a side note, DeepCool has also shown some updated coolers, featuring digital monitoring LCDs and ARGB lighting, that provide real-time readings of CPU temperatures while giving the cooler a clean style.

The ARGB part will be compatible with motherboards’ ARGB headers, meaning less software clutter on the OS. It would be interesting to see if these are full LCD screens that can display other sensors’ data or custom pictures and patterns.

This refreshed line-up includes the entire AK range with models like the AK620, AK500, and even the smaller AK400. Prices, as usual, are still unknown.

DeepCool LCD screen