Destiny 2 lets you become the Witcher, kind of

Toss an Engram to your Hunter.

The Witcher skins in Destiny 2.

Bungie has unveiled three new sets of armour skins for the Hunter, Titan, and Warlock, in collaboration CD Projekt Red. These sets are based on The Witcher game series, offering designs inspired by Geralt’s panoply.

Coming alongside Season of the Wish on November 28, players can transform their Guardians into Geralt of Rivia with three armour bundles comprised of a helmet, gauntlet, chest, leg, and a specific class item. Alongside the armour ornaments, these sets will also include a Ghost, ship, sparrow, emote, and finisher. I can’t help but think it’s a missed opportunity to call it the Season of the Witcher, but hey ho.

Unfortunately, these are likely to be Eververse store purchases rather than in-game/event rewards. Moreover, I doubt Bungie will offer these for Bright Dust (currency). For such a special collaboration, you can bet the price will be in Silver – i.e. real money. Assuming Bungie follows the same pricing as previous collabs, we can expect a tag of around 2,000 Silver which equates to $20.

Bungie is going through some rough times following its acquisition by Sony, so the latter wouldn’t be surprising. Though, to be fair, apparently nothing of this is Sony’s doing, and it’s all a result of Bungie’s choices. While I own every DLC release to this date, seeing the subpar quality of this year’s content, I’m holding off getting the upcoming Final Shape DLC.

I don’t know about you, but as a main Hunter, I’m a bit jealous of the Titan’s skin. I may play my Titan a bit more. Assuming pricing for these is acceptable. Anything higher than £5 per character skin is a no-go in my book. The good news is that even if I don’t get one, many will surely do, so I can admire them from afar.