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Every PC enthusiast has to start somewhere. Our thoughtful guides will help transform you from novice to wizard in no time.

How to replace your broken mouse switch and fix double clicking issues.

How to fix double click on a mouse: repair or upgrade your rodent

Here is how to replace and upgrade your mouse switches to fix double clicking or to improve the feel and sound.
PC monitors on a desk alongside some plants.

How to take a screenshot in Windows 11

How to capture a screenshot in Microsoft Windows 11 using the operating system shortcuts or dedicated software.
Image of the official Nvidia booth at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada

How to watch Nvidia’s CES 2024 presentation

Nvidia will attend the annual CES 2024 to unveil its latest advancements in AI, and other cutting-edge technologies.
Intel CES 2023 event booth

How to watch Intel’s CES 2024 presentation

AI is the buzzword for this year's CES 2024, and Intel's CEO Pat Gelsinger will present all of Intel's latest AI capabilities at the event.
AMD attends CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

How to watch AMD’s CES 2024 presentation

AMD will attend Consumer Electronics Show to unveil its latest tech, this time with a focus on AI. Here's how you can tune in to CES 2024.

How to set up Corsair iCUE Link and why you should 

Corsair iCUE Link transforms your gaming PC into a visual spectacle with RGB lighting, but it's a little fiddly to set up correctly.
Three Corsair PSUs stacked on top of each other, showing different form factors and features.

How to choose the right PSU for every PC build

A power supply for every occasion, we tell you what to look out for during your next bout of PC upgrading.
Updating graphics card’s drivers

How to update the GPU driver on your graphics card

Step-by-step graphics drivers update guide for beginners.
How to update your motherboard BIOS

How to perform a motherboard BIOS update

Step-by-step guide on how to update your motherboard BIOS for beginners.
How to choose the best display for the home or office

Monitor buying guide: how to choose the best display for the home or office

Whether back in the office or working from home, follow these tips for a great viewing experience.
Windows operating system getting ready to launch, by Johny vino

How to install Windows 11 offline without a Microsoft account

Struggling to setup Windows 11 without an Internet connection? This simple bypass will do the trick.
be quiet! Dark Power Pro 13 1,600W

How to choose the right power supply (PSU) when building your PC

A high-quality PSU is the cornerstone of any good system. Here is what to look out for.

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