Intel Arc A380 graphics card available in US

ASRock first out of the gate with Intel Arc.

ASRock Intel A380

After what has seemed like an interminable wait, Intel’s much-anticipated Arc A380 graphics card is finally available to order in the US. Surprisingly, the model on offer is not Chinese launch partner Gunnir, but rather the Challenger Arc A380 from present AMD and Nvidia partner ASRock.

Currently with a listing live on Newegg, the ASRock Challenger Arc A380 6GB GDDR6 OC card, to give it the full title, is on backorder priced at $139.99. Newegg expects stock on August 22, with a limit of two per customer.

As a recap, Intel Arc A380 uses ACM-G11 silicon purpose-built for entry-level cards, and it battles with AMD Radeon RX 6400 and Nvidia GTX 1630 in this space. Fortunately for Intel, neither competitor is particularly strong, so it’s a sage move launching Arc A380 first.

ASRock’s own website provides additional details. Alongside the 2,250MHz engine clock, Challenger Arc A380 is equipped with GDDR6 memory running at an effective 15.5Gbps through a 96-bit interface. Power is sourced via single 8-pin connector and measurements of 190mm length, 124mm height and 39mm width are restrained – enough for it to comfortably fit into a dual-slot form factor. The single-fan cooler employs the useful zero-RPM mode, too.

Intel’s strong in the display department, and ASRock takes full advantage by carrying a single HDMI 2.0b and a trio of DisplayPort 2.0 with DSC. The card naturally carries A380’s vaunted AV1 video encoding.

Intel Arc A380 vs. Radeon RX 6400 vs. Nvidia GTX 1630: fight!