Intel improves Cities: Skylines 2 and Alan Wake 2 performance on latest drivers

Focussing on new releases.

Intel Arc Graphics Drivers 4900 for Alan Wake 2

Intel has published Arc Graphics Drivers 101.4900 adding support for four games alongside some vital performance optimisations to Colossal Order’s newest release.

Arc Graphics Drivers 101.4900 adds support for Alan Wake 2, the much-awaited sequel to the beloved survival horror game – launching October 27 – Cities: Skylines 2, WRC, and Ghostrunner 2. For the latter, Intel recommends playing the game in DirectX 12 mode.

I love how Remedy Entertainment intertwines the stories of its games, with hints and easter eggs about Alan Wake in Control and Quantum Break, so I hope there is more to be found in this new title.

Version 101.4900 also greatly improves performance in Alan Wake 2 and Cities: Skylines 2, respectively by 20 and 34 per cent at 1080p high, and 22 and 26 per cent at 1440p medium settings. A much-needed uplift for Cities: Skylines 2, as the game seems to be poorly optimised even on high-end machines – dropping below 30fps on an RTX 4070 Ti system, according to PC Gamer.

This update hasn’t fixed any bugs, meaning users may still face graphics corruption in Total War: Pharaoh and Starfield or crashes in Ghostrunner 2 and Halo Infinite.

Latest Arc and Iris Xe Graphics drivers can be downloaded (702.8MB) from Intel’s website here.

The full list of changes goes as follows:

Gaming Highlights

Ghostrunner 2 – For the best gaming experience, it is recommended to launch the game using DirectX 12 option.

Intel Game On Driver support on Intel Arc A-series Graphics for:

  • Alan Wake 2
  • Cities: Skylines 2
  • WRC
  • Ghostrunner 2

Game performance improvements versus Intel software driver for:

  • Alan Wake 2 (DX12)
    • Up to 20% average FPS uplift at 1080p with High settings
    • Up to 22% average FPS uplift at 1440p with Medium settings
  • Cities: Skylines 2 (DX11)
    • Up to 34% average FPS uplift at 1080p with High settings
    • Up to 26% average FPS uplift at 1440p with Medium settings

Intel Arc Graphics Products known issues:

  • Ghostrunner 2 (DX11) may experience sporadic application crash during gameplay.
  • Total War: PHARAOH (DX11) may exhibit corruption after changing resolution in game on certain displays.
  • Starfield (DX12) may exhibit corruption when using Dynamic Resolution Scaling. A workaround is to change the Render Resolution Scale slider value.
  • Halo Infinite (DX12) campaign may experience an application crash on some system configurations.
  • Dead by Daylight (DX11) may experience an application crash during gameplay.
  • Topaz Video AI may experience errors when using some models for video enhancement.

Intel Iris Xe MAX Graphics Products:

  • Driver installation may not complete successfully on certain notebook systems with both Intel Iris Xe + Iris Xe MAX devices. A system reboot and re-installation of the graphics driver may be required for successful installation.

Intel Arc Control known issues:

  • Using Arc Control Studio capture with certain games may incorrectly generate multiple video files.
  • The “Connector” type in the Display page may incorrectly show DP when using an HDMI display connection.
  • May observe “stream has already ended” pop-up after the power events with Capture/Highlights/Broadcast toggle on.
  • Arc Control may not retain overall application settings in Overlay mode after system reboot. A workaround is to
  • use Desktop mode of Arc Control