Klevv Cras V RGB DDR5-8400 joins the high-speed RAM club

Out of the box, and without LN2.

Klevv Cras V RGB DDR5-8400 RAM.

Klevv has announced Cras V RGB DDR5 RAM kits reaching up to 8,400MT/s. Impressively, it achieved this without going overboard in the timing department and in multiple capacities to boot.

In the menu, we have two models. The first delivers a whopping 8,200MT/s, with the latter pushing a bit further to 8,400MT/s. The brand is joining the 8,400MT/s club alongside G.Skill and its Trident Z5 RGB DDR5-8400 memory. Latency-wise, the former comes with 38-49-49-131 timings, while the latter sits at 40-52-52-134. Though they look high, these timings are as good as they get on such high-frequency models.

Three capacities will be on offer, 2x16GB, 2x24GB, and 2x32GB dual channel kits. All are compatible with Intel’s XMP 3.0 and AMD’s EXPO one-click profiles. This ensures high speeds out of the box for all users. That said, you might need the best CPU and motherboard to reach them. For example, Klevv used an Intel Core i9-14900K CPU alongside an Asus ROG Maximus Z790 Apex Encore motherboard to validate these frequencies.

Klevv Cras V RGB DDR5-8400 RAM validation test.

To unlock both frequencies, Klevv opted for a 1.45V operating voltage. This is higher than the G.Skill kit, yet still far from extreme. There may even be some room left for overclocking. The brand also adds that these memory kits have passed the QVL tests of major mainstream motherboard manufacturers.

Lastly, all models feature an aluminium heatspreader topped by an RGB light bar. This brings the total height of these kits to 44mm, which may limit CPU-cooler compatibility. Though nowadays most come with adaptable fans. Aside from RGB, you will be able to choose either a white or a black colour, both looking very nice.

While Klevv didn’t indicate pricing, checking a similarly configured G.Skill kit, we can expect around $400/£400 for a 2x24GB DDR5-8400 kit. The Cras V RGB RAM will be available from the end of December 2023.