The beating heart of any computer. Choosing the right CPU is crucial to getting the most from your PC; our in-depth reviews help guide you in the right direction.

AMD's best eight-core desktop processor makes a solid base for a powerful, forward-looking gaming PC.
An astoundingly good-value CPU that puts AMD into a pickle.
AMD says have it your way with the versatile Ryzen 9 7900 equally at home in small and powerful systems.
Epyc in name, epic in stature. Here's what a 128-core, 256-thread CPU can do for your workload.
A good CPU whose pricing revisit is essential in today's cutthroat environment.
Majoring on value, Ryzen 5 5600 is a fine CPU upgrade for users on AM4.
192 cores, 384 threads and 1.5TB DDR5 memory - these are benchmarks that will blow your mind.
Intel clobbers the wattage to guarantee Core i9-14900K remains top dog.
After years in development, Intel releases its most important CPU architecture in a long time.
The finest 14th Gen Core i7 is put through its paces.
3D V-Cache delivers on its promise of superlative gaming performance, but there's a catch.
A great processor for £200, there's merit in Core i5-13400F for an everyday build.

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