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Here’s how Netflix will clamp down on account sharing in 2023

Sharing your Netflix password with friends or family? Expect to be encouraged to create sub-accounts in the near future.

Netflix launches £4.99 Basic with Ads tier amid cost-of-living crisis

Ad-supported subscription to rollout across 12 countries starting in November.
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Netflix trains sights on video game industry, busy setting up game studio

Netflix is busy setting up its own video game studio in Helsinki, Finland.
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Netflix introducing ad-supported streaming tier

Ads coming to a Netflix show near you.
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Netflix suffers first subscriber drop in over a decade

More pain for the streaming giant.

Netflix’s BioShock is a video-game adaptation we want to see

"We all make choices, but in the end our choices make us."
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Netflix stock drops by 20 per cent over subscriber fears

Misses subscriber growth by 202,000 in Q4 2021; stock tumbles.

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