Starfield aims for PS5 launch after the RPG’s first DLC

More fun for everyone.

Starfield game characters alongside a PlayStation 5 console.

It looks like Microsoft is preparing Starfield and possibly many other exclusive titles for the PlayStation 5. This would mark a huge shift in the brand’s gaming strategy, potentially opening the way for exclusive titles on Sony’s consoles. Halo on PlayStation, anyone?

According to XboxEra sources, Microsoft plans to release Starfield on the PlayStation 5 consoles. In contrast to the Redmond giant’s previous strategy, its future focus is on selling games and subscriptions rather than consoles. Releasing Bethesda’s latest on a rival platform is a huge step, but Starfield won’t be the only one making the leap. Apparently, Hi-Fi Rush and Sea of Thieves are also joining the fun.

That said, while some may appreciate the openness and freedom of choice this brings, hardcore Xbox fans might see this as treason following years of commitment to the green box. Personally, I see this as a good thing for everyone. It adds extra income for game developers to produce sequels, and gives players choice of platform. With time, this may even push Sony to release some of its well-guarded titles on Xbox; who knows? After all, we already have many PlayStation exclusives on PC.

I feel like many have forgotten how painful it was back in the Xbox 360 era when you had to own two or three consoles to not miss exclusive games. Not everyone can afford to have all of that. If this allows more players to enjoy the games they like, then so be it.

Starfield is expected to launch on the PlayStation 5 sometime after the Shattered Space expansion for Xbox and PC, which is scheduled for later this year.