This Nvidia HDR mod might be better than Windows AutoHDR

Better than Windows’ AutoHDR.

SDR vs HDR colour representation.
Background by Venti Views.

A modder has published custom files that add HDR to non-HDR games when using Nvidia RTX graphics cards. Some say it’s better than Windows AutoHDR, and we have GeForce drivers to thank. After all, it wouldn’t be possible without hidden settings nestled away in Team Green’s software.

HDR (High Dynamic Range) shows more colour shades while offering higher brightness and deeper blacks compared to SDR (Standard Dynamic Range). The most notable benefit of HDR lets you see bright objects in dark scenes without elevating the black levels. This keeps the picture clean instead of washing it out.

Dubbed NVTrueHDR, Emoose made this mod using a “TrueHDR” profile setting on Nvidia’s GeForce drivers version 551.23. Naturally, this means it only works with the best graphics cards from Team Green. Piggybacking off the RTX Video HDR feature to bring HDR to non-supported games, it’s a lot like Windows’ AutoHDR option. Talking of which, you need to disable Microsoft’s version for this mod to work. Same goes for in-game HDR.

So far, this mod reportedly works with most DX9 to DX12 games. The first user returns mentioned better gamma correction than AutoHDR but sometimes a bit too dark. Another user tried it with some Vulkan applications to no avail. Needless to say, you would need an HDR-capable monitor to see the benefits of this mod. Moreover, it might not rival proper HDR implementation, which is tailored to each game’s needs.

As usual with unofficial file modifications, we can ensure nothing malicious is hiding inside. That said, the modder seems to be legit, plus users who already tried the mod don’t mention any red flags. Note however that there were a couple of false virus detections. Even if the files are safe, they might trigger game anti-cheat systems, so keep this in mind.

If you fancy giving it a try, Emoose has a detailed guide on the Nexus Mods page, including troubleshooting steps.