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SDR vs HDR colour representation.

This Nvidia HDR mod might be better than Windows AutoHDR

Apparently doing a better job than Windows AutoHDR, a developer has crafted their own HDR mod from hidden Nvidia settings.
AOC Q27G3XMN-BK 27in gaming monitor on a forest background.

AOC is preparing an affordable HDR Mini-LED gaming monitor

Dip your toes into real HDR with the AOC Agon Q27G3XMN-BK and its 336 dimming zones, without breaking the bank.
Cooler Master Tempest GP2711 Mini-LED gaming monitor on top of a desktop alongside PC peripherals

Cooler Master hopes Mini-LED will better HDR in new Tempest monitor 

Cooler Master Tempest GP2711 is a Mini-LED display with 576 dimming zones.
Nubia Red Magic 27in Mini-LED monitor

Nubia launches Red Magic 27in UHD Mini-LED monitor with searing HDR credentials

Nubia announces Red Magic gaming monitor with millimetre-wave wireless transmission.

AOC announces G4309VX/D, a 43in 4K monitor with VESA DisplayHDR1000

Another large-format 4K gaming display arrives, for your consideration.

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