Valve open to optimising Steam OS for Ryzen 6800U handhelds

Yet more good news for handheld fans.

GPD Win Max 2

Via its Indiegogo campaign discussion, GPD HK has declared Valve has entered in contact for a potential cooperation to enhance steam OS’s compatibility with AMD’s Ryzen 7 6800U processors.

Earlier we told you about Aokzoe’s plan to add Steam OS to its A1 console. And now we are getting more evidence from GPD that Valve is favourable to this perspective. Therefore, the brand must send its Win Max 2 handheld to Valve for optimisation procedures – a process that can take six months, according to GPD.

GPD HK Project Owner - 01

Valve also consulted GPD about promoting its products on Steam’s official website, to which GPD responded positively. Who would say no to such a proposition anyway, especially for small companies that can use all help or publicity?

Some may say, why would Valve help other ‘competitors’ develop a good or better product? Well, simply because Valve is, first of all, a game reseller thanks to its Steam store, thus making physical items is just a ‘side business’. Not a useless one, but not the main one either.

GPD HK Project Owner - 02

Looking at reviews, the Win Max 2 is quite a capable machine already, and with Valve’s help plus Steam OS’s lower resource needs, this console may get a wider reach than first expected. Looking at what Valve has done with only 8 RDNA 2 CUs, we can’t wait to see what 50 per cent more CUs on the 6800U can achieve.

Another benefit to all of this is native support for Steam OS on laptops powered by a 6800U or other Ryzen APUs, for that matter. Other manufacturers such as Ayaneo will also surely jump on the bandwagon when possible.